The CLAMS Field Campaign took place between July 10th to August 3rd, 2001.

Official web host of all data collected during CLAMS is:
NASA Langley Atmospheric Sciences Data Center (LaRC ASDC - CLAMS)

The remaining links below provide overviews of the original field experiment and some remaining information of general intersest.

  • Documentation
       CLAMS Overview documents and memos regarding the project.
       CLAMS J. Atmos Sci. Special Issue
       CLAMS Data Workshop, Wash. D.C., Feb. 27-28, 2002
  • IOP Data Resources
       Aircraft & Instruments
          Quick Look plots
       Satellite Images
          Orbit Predicts
          Flight Track Overlays
       Chesapeake Lighthouse COVE Site  <- Ocean Surface Radiation and Daily Aerosol Observations
       Supplemental Surface Observations <- Description of ancillary surface observations for CLAMS